Birds and wildlife in Exmouth, Australia

Where is a better place to see a Whale shark than Exmouth, Australia? Being the largest fish and an endangered species, Whale Shark made it into my bucket list and its this summer in Exmouth, I was very fortunate to swim and monitor this massive filter-feeding shark. Words cannot describe the overwhelming feelings of seeing one swim up close. Below is a photo taken by my Gopro!


Whale shark in Exmouth

Apart from Whale sharks, Sting rays, leopard sharks, Humpback whales and Dugongs are regular visitors in the waters of Exmouth.


Dugong at Monkey Mia!


Echidna rolled up into a spiky ball near the Dolphin resort in Monkey Mia

Our main stops and along the way to Monkey Mia, Exmouth, Karijini National Park yielded many birds and many are region-specific. 🙂 Its a wonder the desert areas produce quality birds and wildlife! These include the Australian Bustard, Spinifex pigeon, Chiming Wedgebill, Grassbird, scrubwren, Painted finch,Red-backed Kingfisher etc.!

Despite the long drive, each stop was unique, each stay was memorable. When in rural areas without light pollution.. one can clearly see the glittering stars! Exmouth and Beyond, a magical place to be with wonders above, on land and underwater. 🙂

spinifex pigeon

A regal looking Spinifex pigeon from Karijini National Park

Australian bustard

Australian Bustards are common in Exmouth region


Accommodation in Karijini National Park