Sydney Botanical Gardens

It’s not my first time visiting Sydney but definitely the first time as a birder. It was Christmas when i visited and as I predicted the shops were closed for the festival and not many people seen on streets. “Great, less people means more birds”, I anticipated with hope. 😛 Afterall I am not into shopping…hehe

On the day of arrival, I quickly made a trip to the park in the late afternoon; To my surprise, I saw many flying foxes hanging on trees….flapping their wings and making loud noises. I stood under a tree to get some photos (BAD IDEA)! Apparently one flew out and pooped on me (Grrr….)! Anyway, after cleaning up the mess, I made my way to the central pond area. Below were some of the birds seen. 😛

Indian myna and noisy miner

Blue billed Duck and Australian Magpie

Pacific black duck and Bell myna

Golden whistler and little pied commorant

I read about a frogmouth and buff banded rail being residents in the park, but I didnt get to see them that afternoon. I knew I have to go back again. On the morning before I head off to Melbourne, I went to the park again and saw a park ranger. My instincts told me that I should ask him if he knew the whereabouts of the frogmouth (I was so smart!)… he pointed at the Pyramid and told me to search there. I took his advice  and soon found them! YAY!

tawny frogmouth

After bagging the frogmouth, I headed back to the store to get some soveniors for my friends…but the store is still closed. And as i walked around the back of the store, I suddenly saw this rail scurrying off! I sneaked behind him and to my delight, I found a family of buff banded rails! What luck!

Mission accomplished, and moving on to the next city- Melbourne! 😛 😛

buff banded rail