Kaeng Krachan National Park- The bird that stayed in the hole

When I first organised the trip to Kaeng Krachan National Park, my target was to get the banded kingfisher, which to my dismay, fledged shortly before our arrival (Grrr…). But our disappointment was shortlived as our 5 day trip was filled with loads of fun and laughter!
Below is one unforgettable memory!

The bird that stayed in the hole…like forever

With hides set, our long wait began. Our cameras were all pointing at a particular bamboo- a bamboo with a tiny hole….but no bird in it. After waiting for sometime, a tiny little orange colored bird flew into the hole, and out popped it’s head!

White browed piculet

But the bird stayed in that hole….with no intention to leave at all! We were about to Zzzz when our guide walked towards the bamboo area. “Perhaps the bird would fly out of the hole when he gets close”, Bonnie and I whispered to each other. We bet our chances and it flew out alright, but we were too slow to fire any shots (grrr…). It was another long Zzz wait before it finally perched outside the hole for 2 seconds before returning to the hole again! FINALLY. White browed piculet! 😛


white browed piculet!

P.S. Kaeng Krachan National Park is just a 2 hour drive from Bangkok. We stayed at Samarn bird camp which is just next to the park entrance. Samarn’s wife is a great cook by the way! 😛

samarn camp- Photo by Bonnie Chan