About Me


Life is about adventures or nothing! As a Singaporean, I love to venture out to remote places, enjoy wildlife and bring back wonderful memories and share with friends, my fears, excitement and crazy things I have done while on trip. I currently live in Beijing, China where this magnificent city has a lot to offer!

Though I am not an avid birder nor an ornithologist, I do enjoy birding on a fun perspective and appreciate what nature has to offer!  I hope that through this blog, I could keep track of birding events I have organised/ participated and in years to come, become a useful resource to people who plan to bird overseas! I truly enjoy birding, whether alone or with my friends…and I hope I can inspire you to be one too! I also scuba dive and hoping to explore more of the underwater world too!

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi marie i visit your blog it’s so impressive.
    i find that you have not visit to keoladeo national park in india till today
    u should go there it will be good time for birdwatching there.


  2. Hello Marie. Absolutely love your bird photo’s. l love bird photography too but most of my pics don’t turn out quite as spectacular. You obviously have good patience, good luck and some very good lenses. l’m very envious and l wish you only more success with your work.


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