Jankowski’s Bunting

A bird that is on the verge of extinction is seen in Beijng! Overseas birders were just as excited as the local birders. Busy with my work, i couldn’t find the time to visit firsthand but I finally got to see the small flock that has decided to winter in Beijing.

jankowski's bunting female

Jankowski’s Bunting

a bird that needs desperate help!

a bird that needs desperate help!

jankowski bunting

Jankowski’s bunting wintering in Beijing

jankowski bunting

Jankowski’s bunting

Its been quite sometime since I last visited Miyun! There were tractors cutting the grass, making rodents flee from their hideouts! Raptors definitely saw this opportunity and they were hovering around in search for their tasty food.

While people were busy taking photos of raptors, we’re on the other end trying to find the Jankowski’s buntings! It is a difficult task to I.D. them if not for the experts! But I wandered off alone to see more birds. Then i saw a group of buntings very close to me- my instinct was to photo first then I.D. later. And it paid off! 🙂

I hope people will make a contribution to save the bunting, especially for those who saw the bunting.. click here to donate! For more information about Jankowski’s bunting (also known as rufous-backed bunting), visit http://www.birdlife.org/datazone/speciesfactsheet.php?id=8938

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