Beijing Long-eared Owls

Its widely known that a pair of Long-eared Owls could be found at the Temple of Heaven almost every winter! But to see them is another story- they are usually well above the pine trees and very much camouflaged. :-/

But a place further out of Beijing city, approx. 1hr 40mins transportation time takes us to Nanhaizi Park (南海子公园), which hosts not 1, not 2 but atleast 8 Long-eared Owls during their winter visit!

To get there- From Beijing metro, change to Yi Zhuang Light rail and alight at Rong Chang Dong Jie Station (荣昌东街) and then take the bus no. 453 (There is no bus stop sign! The bus stops under the bridge outside the station).

Take bus 453 to nanhaizi park from rongchangjie station

Take bus 453 to nanhaizi park from rongchangjie station

The bus will arrive at the South gate- in the park, walk towards the west where there is a path and some signs which included one that says “Hawk Roosting Platform”! I have not seen any hawks roosting there…but who knows! :-/ But the pine trees around that platform hosts several Long-Eared Owls in winter..!

At first we didn’t see any owls but Yellow-bellied Tits and Goldcrest, but we kept our hopes high.. Then the magic happened! While we munched on our packed lunch, 3 owls flew out from the trees!! We later saw some more and I was very thrilled to see them and also have a picture of it! A New year blessing for me.. 🙂

long-eared owl in Beijing

long-eared owl in Beijing


goldcrest at Nanhaizi park

goldcrest at Nanhaizi park




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