Amur Falcon isn’t a myth in HK!

During migrating season, I’d often get messages about rare sightings of Amur Falcon sometime, somewhere in Hong Kong! But even getting to the site immediately to see the bird is almost mission impossible- after all, this little raptor surge is fast and furious and unpredictable! Its a myth to me and many birders too who heard lots of stories about Amur Falcon’s appearance but never got to see it in HK! To see an Amur Falcon in Hong Kong is all about chance and luck!

Lately, there were news about an Amur Falcon swooping around Long Valley and never would I thought I’d get to see it in HK! While I was waiting for the Pine Bunting, a small raptor surged in the sky; quickly someone identified it as an Amur Falcon! Despite my eyes were glued to my bins, I lost sight of it- it had already landed on a wire a few hundred meters away from me! Quickly, I grabbed my gear and sprinted as fast as I could to where the raptor landed and snapped a couple of shots before it took off!  It’s plumage looked pretty fresh to me- a juvenile I think! 🙂

It was a pretty intense moment for me- not that I’ve not seen an Amur Falcon before, but to me, Amur Falcon is no longer a myth in HK! 🙂

Amur Falcon in Long Valley, Nov. 2014

Amur Falcon in Long Valley, Nov. 2014

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