October “bird fest” at Miyun Reservoir, Beijing

The weather in Beijing is Schizophrenic- one day its smoggy and the next- blue skies! *Roll Eyes* Well, no bad weather can put me down- spent a smoggy noon at a pottery workshop, which was a lot of fun! But on a clear day, nothing beats birding!  Standing on a hill, we had great views of the birds coming in all directions, as well as the wind! Brrr….!!!

Miyun reservoir

Me in shadow!

As always, the early bird gets the worm! Ducks including Baikal Teals, Chinese Spot-Billed etc., floated in the reservoir, while Black-Headed Gulls, Mongolian Gulls along with a Whiskered Tern and some waders- Golden Plovers, Black-Tailed Godwits and Spotted Redshanks, to name a few,  roosted on the other side of the bank. There’s also Bean Geese, Swan Geese (lifer for me) and a Beijing 3rd record-Great White Pelican!

A symphony of Baikal teals

A symphony of Baikal teals

It was a busy birding morning- our eyes rolled in all directions making sure no birds were missed! Birds of prey of all sorts- Hen Harrier, Hobby, Japanese Sparrow hawk, Kestrel, Saker, Marsh Harrier, Common Buzzards performed their morning hunting rituals and some swept past us like the wind! But one bird did a graceful,  180 degree panoramic flyby- the Great Bittern! It was an unforgettable sight!

Great bittern over Miyun, Beijing

Great bittern over Miyun, Beijing

By the end of the day, I think we had recorded over 70 species! It definitely felt like a “bird fest” in October at Miyun Reservoir! A truly hidden treasure in China!


4 thoughts on “October “bird fest” at Miyun Reservoir, Beijing

  1. wow – this sounds like a truly successful trip!! I have also another question – when you did birding in Kachchh. Did you have a guide? Who showed you around? I will be there in January and was thinking about visiting some wildlife areas. Did you also visit Sasan Gir National Park?


    • I stayed at Rann Riders who has safari included! Ask for Sam the driver, and if you like to go elsewhere, the lodge owner will help you arrange too, including transportation/ bird guide! I may go to West India this end of year-to same area visit Gir national park and Velavadar park is also a MUST plus a tiger safari!!!!!!!!!


      • sounds very good – I have to work in Kachchh and was thinking about visiting Sasan Gir (Velavadar is also a good idea) and then make my way up to Delhi and visit Keoladeo NP and maybe one of the tiger parks (I was in Ranthambore once, no tigers, and quite crowded, but let’s see – the plans are not finalized yet)…

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