Birding in Xinjiang Day 6 Part1/2- 新疆观鸟, 布尔津-130团

What a long drive-from Burqin to an ex-military area known as “130”, took more than 6 hours! :-/ Packed with crisps, water and we sneaked some dumplings and eggs from breakfast (signs of no lunch… >.<), we drove past sand dunes, rocky terrains and windmills but didn’t see much until we arrived on a highway with rocky boulders on both sides! Here, the Lesser Kestrel, Common Kestrel and Red-billed Chough were neighbours! It was a very windy day and even though my bazooka lens and tripod saved me from flying away, I couldn’t stabalise myself, let alone walking! >.<”

kestrel in Burqin

Common kestrel taking shelter from the strong wind!

Soon we were back on the road again! On a few occasions, we saw a few Pallas Sandgrouse flew by, but it was the Mongolian finch (蒙古沙雀) that stirred up a moment of excitement after having driven for 2-3 hours! Yippee, another lifer for me! 🙂

Mongolian finch in Xinjiang

Mongolian finch in Xinjiang

After constant driving for another 2 hours, with semi-desert landscapes undulated before us…I thought my partner was suffering from an illusion when he asked our driver to take a detour as he spotted some Pallas’s Sandgrouse (毛腿沙鸡)! I was almost in*SLEEP* mode when he confirmed his sightings! Luckily, I did not miss this brilliant moment, or I would have *PUNCHED* myself!! 🙂

pallas sandgrouse in xinjiang

pallas’s sandgrouse in xinjiang

By the time we saw the Pallas’s Sandgrouse, it was already 2 p.m. and we’re still a long way from our destination! =_=”

PS. Here’s the view along the way!

View along the road, Xinjiang

View along the road, Xinjiang

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