Who loves a Frogmouth? 印度观鸟 (领蟆口鸱)

I finally pulled myself together to write about Kerala, South India…but with over 120 birds in just 5 days, I really don’t know where to start! >.<

Joined by a few friends, we hired a bird guide who is a pioneer in South India and leads an avid team that served us! I remembered Eldhose promised that we’d see some raptors and nightjars and I was very surprised, because I have not met any bird guide that promises anything!

On one afternoon, we went to a low forest plantation area in search for the frogmouth, but to no avail. but we were promised that we’d see them the next day! And sure enough we did! It seemed that our bird guide recruited another team to help search the frogmouths for us! It was amazing to see 2 individuals and 1 pair of Sri Lankan Frogmouths (领蟆口鸱), as these species is only found in the Western Ghats of southwest India and Sri Lanka! We moved in quietly and carefully not to disturb them as its their breeding season (January to March)! They roosted so low in the plantation area, and so camouflaged that if the guide hadn’t pointed them to me, I’d thought they were just leaves!!! 🙂 They look awfully cute! Who loves a frogmouth? 😛

Sri Lankan Frogmouth

Sri Lankan Frogmouth

Sri Lankan Frogmouth

Sri Lankan Frogmouth

A pair of them!

A pair of them!

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