Birding in Morroco/ Marrakech- To climb or not to climb…

I have told my friends “N” times, how mentally and physically challenged this trip was for me. Never have I thought I would need to ford streams and climb cliffs for birds…! It was tough for me as I have height phobia; I get wobbly legs even going down a flight of stairs! @_@”

But having gone this far, I had no choice but to push myself to go beyond my comfort zone! I was told that the Pharaoh Eagle Owl is a must-see bird in Marrakesh, so here it is! Was it worth climbing for? XD

pharaoh eagle owl

pharaoh eagle owl

But not every climb was fruitful!  I ford streams and climbed some hills in search for the Moussier’s Redstart, but I didn’t see any! >.<”

And here’s the Desert Fox that I almost climbed for, when it suddenly jumped off the cliff and sprinted off!

desert fox

desert fox

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