Birding in Morocco- Oukaimeden, Marrakech 观鸟在摩洛哥

Probably to many British and European birders, Morocco is a place where they could just visit and bird for the weekend. Coming from Asia, Morocco is a totally new place to me. I am enthralled by the idea of seeing flying carpets and Aladdin (maybe I watched too many Disney movies?) 😛 I am not sure why my brain relates that to Morocco! But for a place to be close to the Sahara desert, certainly heightened my determination to tramp there (of course with the hope to see some flying carpets!!!)

My Itinerary

Marrakech -Oukaimeden, Boulmain area, Mount Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert

My first stop was Oukaimeden! Situated about 75km out of Marrakech, the drive was about 2.5 hours from the airport! Despite treacherous road conditions, my driver was very experienced, and I got to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains that undulated before me as we” twirled” up the peak!

Needless to say, one of the highlights of my trip was to see my “devil” bird- Horned Lark (see those devilish horns? :)) At the peak of Oukaimeden, I was immediately greeted by the Horned Lark, Crimson-Winged Finch, Rock Sparrow…and how could I forget the Seebohm’s Wheatear ? >.<” I had to ford streams just to get a record shot of it!

Rock Sparrow and Horned Lark

Rock Sparrow and Horned Lark

crimson winged rosefinch

crimson winged rosefinch

Seebon's wheatear

Seebon’s wheatear

The accommodation we spent the night had a great patio!! As the three of us (guide, driver and me) had breakfast (breakfast was just bread and jam…cough),  we were greeted by a load of House Buntings, that flew in and out of the hotel… (hence its name I think!!). They seemed very familiar with the place and they roosted in comfort on their favourite perch- couch, cushion, shelves, etc.!  Other birds seen at the hotel area were blackbirds and Cirl Buntings and also Common Bulbuls (not common to me…XD)!

Common Bulbul

Common Bulbul

house bunting

house bunting

house bunting  on treasure box!

house bunting on treasure box!

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