Barred Eagle Owl

Many friends have posted the Barred Eagle Owl and it appeared that this owl is a resident in a Golf and Country Club in Malaysia! Because I wanted this so badly, Wong and Jon took me to the resort to get it. While I have my breakfast, Wong and Jon searched the grounds…but with no avail. 😦 I left with disappointment and vowed to come back soon.
When I returned to Singapore again, I asked another good friend of mine-Low to check if the owl has returned. His reply, “okay, 99% still there. If its not there I will wear an owl costume and appear in front of you”. The assertiveness in his answer gave me confidence, and so we made a trip to the resort once again! By the time we’ve arrived at the resort it was almost mid-day and so we quickly made our way to the back garden. There was a gardener there watering the plants. Low spoke to him and the gardener pointed at a tree close by.Low looked up and signalled me to set up my gear!! I could feel my heart thumping hard. “This is it!” I whispered to myself with excitement… When I was ready to take some photos, we found not 1 but 3 barred eagle owls!!! There was a juvenile with its parents standing on their own favourite perch on the same tree! I almost squealed with joy but taking a decent shot of any of those owls was a challenge. They all perched high on the tree with branches and leaves almost covering them. Low and me spent over half an hour running around the tree trying to get the best spot! And guess what-we did!!! Second time’s the charm for this highly soughted owl!


Adult barred eagle owl


barred eagle owl juvenile!!

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