Taiwan- Taipei Botanical gardens 太北植物园赏鸟

I still remember my first visit to the Botanical Gardens. At early dawn, I was joined by many locals  playing Tai Chi, morning aerobic dance, and even kung fu.. LOL!  Little did I know  the gates for the  boardwalk trails inside the botanical gardens only opens at 0830, so in my humble opinion, there’s really no need to go early morning. 😛

I was tipped by the local birders to visit the boardwalk area within the Botanical Gardens as its a favourite spot for birds during breeding and migrating season. And so, when the gates opened at 0830, birders rushed to the favourite area of the boardwalk to get a good spot! It’s kind of like the Amazing Race =__=”.

Photographing at the boardwalk area is tough. First of all, the planks get shaky when people walk on them, and also the boardwalk itself is narrow and there are many local birders at the site too, hence it can get noisy and cramped at times. 😛

Well, here are some of my bird photos taken at the boardwalk trail! They are the Black browed Barbet, Malayan Night heron, Lesser Scimitar Babbler, and the Black Naped Monarch.

black browed barbet pecking away to build its nest!

Are they a couple???

lesser scimitar babbler!!

Malayan Night heron~! One of the least concerned species apparently!

Black naped Monarch -female

Finally I would like to share a photo of an egret with its breakfast taken at the pond area!

A goldfish released by some believers in reincarnation! It has reincarnated.

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