Tianjin Rui Tong Steel Co., Ltd. is a large-scale steel manufacturer specializing in the production and operation of straight welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, precision pipe, galvanized steel pipe and prestressing steel strand.

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Prestressed strand


The company has various types of prestressing strand, material 77B, 82B and national standard, American standard material, can produce 9.53/12.7/15.2/17.8/21.8/28.6mm. September 12: 1*7/15.2mm today, the price is 5440 yuan/ton.

Manager telephone:022-28899403

Strip telephone:022-28897079

Straight line telephone:022-28897187 022-28899671

Stranded telephone:022-28899678 022-28891659

Spiral telephone:022-68589404 022-28899404 022-68576867

Pons telephone:022-28870709

Fax telephone:022-68589404

First factory address:No. 14 Zhenhai River Channel, Daqiuzhuang, Tianjin

Second factory address:No. 1 Jinhai Industrial Park, Daqiuzhuang Town, Tianjin

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