Tianjin Rui Tong Steel Co., Ltd. is a large-scale steel manufacturer specializing in the production and operation of straight welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, precision pipe, galvanized steel pipe and prestressing steel strand.

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   Profiles are objects of certain geometry made of iron or steel and materials with certain strength and toughness by rolling, extrusion, casting and other processes. This kind of material has a certain appearance size, a certain shape of cross section, and a certain mechanical and physical properties. Profiles can be used alone or further processed into other manufactured products, which are commonly used in building structure, manufacturing and installation. The mechanical engineer can select the specific shape, material, heat treatment state, mechanical properties and other parameters of the profile according to the design requirements, and then divide the profile according to the specific size and shape requirements, and then further process or heat treatment to meet the design accuracy requirements. The material, specification and size of profiles can refer to the corresponding national standards.

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