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Straight welded pipe

   Among them, according to different uses and different production processes in the later stage,. (can be roughly divided into scaffolding pipe, fluid pipe, wire sleeve, bracket pipe, guardrail pipe, etc.). Longitudinal welded pipe standard GB/T3091-2008 and low-pressure fluid welded pipe is a kind of straight welded pipe, the general water, gas transmission, after the completion of welding than ordinary welded pipe to take a water pressure test, the current low-pressure fluid pipe than ordinary straight welded pipe price is a little higher (according to the current market price, about 80 yuan higher). For example, the price of 1 inch (DN25) of welded pipe fluid pipe (i.e. 33.5*3.25) is about 4300 tons, whereas that of ordinary straight seam welded pipe is about 4200 tons.

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